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12-01-2013, 07:17 AM
Hi, welcome to my forum guide! Here I post the most basic of stuff that must be known by all forum users (In this thread, I'll call them forumers).

Other Forums

The RTSoft Forums offer a lot of forums to post it. See for yourself!

Discuss the game the other Growtopians are talking about! Kill your friends and do more stuff like that!

Dink Smallwood HD
Chat all about the RPG RTSoft made! For the very serious Dink Flies, visit the Dink Network, too!

Dungeon Scroll for PC and iPhone
Have any questions or comments about RTSoft's fantastic word game?

Funeral Quest
Talk about that one and only browser based game!

Other RTSoft Games
How about the rest? Here they are! It has Teenage Lawnmower, Mind Wall and the others!

Game Development
Anyone with imagination can make a game! Talk about yours here! Or something or whatever.

Novashell Game Creation System
Discuss that RTSoft Game that let's you make platformers, adventure and RPG!

Proton SDK
Is a component based C++ framework that is optimized for GL/GLES based mobile cross-platform game development. (But seriously, I can't think of a description.)


If you may not know, the sub-forums make the Forums clean and organized. (Always post the right stuff on the right sub-forum!) These are all the sub-forums under the forums named "Growtopia"!

Growtopia General Chat
Got something to chat about? Would you like to jump into the conversation? Take a plunge into this sub-forum! Talk almost about everything! From guides and questions to news updates and fun, random threads!

Growtopia World Showcase and Collaboration Requests
Think your world can stand out against a thousand or two other worlds? Have a world that you think that may battle against other great worlds for the mighty Ultra- Trophy 3000? Need a collaboration with an another player? Post your threads right here!

Introductions/ Farewells/ Drama
Just started? Introduce yourself to higher ranked players! Leaving cause of a vile scam or bad grade? We will say farewell to you. Have a really dramatic thread you must post? Do these all of these 3 to this sub-forum!

Growtopia Suggestions and Ideas
Thought about a great feature that might help Growtopia? Or about a really cool pack? Or maybe a brand new block? Any kind of suggestion will be accepted for this sub-forum!

Growtopia Marketplace
Want something that's a real eye candy? Or maybe for your world? Selling something? Post your thread of trade in this sub-forum's page!

Contests, Competitions and Giveaways
Got a contest for us Growtopians? Or how about a fun Competitions? Maybe a rare giveaway? Post your big events right here and put it's schedule with it! (Time must be Tokyo time/UTC+9 (Growtopia Time)

Fan Art & Stories
Growtopians don't only make worlds. They also draw fan arts and make up stories! Post your fantasies or your masterpiece in this sub-forum!

Growtopia Bugs and Problems
Saw a bug (Not the insect!)? Or are you having a problem with something? Post your problems here so the developers may fix it as soon as possible!

Growtopia Korea
Are you a citizen of Korea? Or do you speak Korean fluently? Talk about Growtopia in this thread made for Koreans!

And also the ClanLib SDK Forums!

ClanLib: General Discussion
Posting something that's related to ClanLib but not the other forums below? Then post it right here!

ClanLib: Help
Having problems with ClanLib? Or just don't know something? ask your question here!

ClanLib: Showcase And Feedback Requests
The place you can show off your majestic masterpiece!

ClanLib: Recruitment
Finding or joining up with other talented people to work on your latest project?

ClanLib: Developer Chat
The endless chat of improving ClanLib!

Now that we covered up the sub-forums, let's talk about Ranks!


What are ranks? Ranks are earned for posting! More Posts= Higher Ranks! (But don't spam for ranks, or you'll get shot!)


Serf- 0- 4 Posts
Peasant- 5- 9 Posts
Squire- 10- 29 Posts
Lesser Knight- 30- 49 Posts
Knight- 50- 99 Posts
Lesser Wizard- 100- 499 Posts
Master Sorcerer- 500+ Posts

Administrators, Super Modearators and Moderators

They are the highest ranked users. They moderate and lead the way in the forums.

- Currently there are 2 Administrators. They are Mike Hommel (Owner of Hamumu Software) and Seth A. Robinson (Owner of Robinson Technologies). They may do anything they want. They made the forums and the GrowTopia together. They are also both two old-school indie game artists. There may not be another administrator (Only an abandoned account, Admin, with a rank of Administrator)

Super Moderators
- They are like Administrators, only difference they may not punish each other and have less power.

Super Moderators:
Aki Koskinen
Marosa Minnie

They have less power than Super Moderators but still have some.

Judas (Official ClanLib SDK Forums)
sphair (Official ClanLib SDK Forums)
Trigve (Official ClanLib SDK Forums)
youwhang (Growtopia Korea)

Moderators (Korea):

The Spam

This is very important to know. The ways of SPAMMING. You must avoid all the ways at all possible costs. If not, you may be shot. Most people to shoot with a Machine Gun.

The ways are:

Posting Multiple Threads of the Same Thing
This is very annoying for some people, even visitors!

Posting Meaningless Threads
Please don't post threads such as "OMG, A Mod Came In My World!". Not everyone should know unimportant events.

Making Multiple Posts of the Same Thing Reapetedly & Making Meaningless Posts
Let's say someone posted "LOLOLOLOLOL" six times. Annoying and meaningless at the same time!

Ways to NOT Spam
Of course, there are ways to not spam!

Use The Search Bar First
Check if someone else may have asked your question before you did. It lessens the spam for me and you!

Be More Descriptive About Your Threads
All of us need details to understand!

Make photos? Make an album! Not post!
A question? Be clear about your question so we may answer clearly too!
A blog? This is a forums, not a blog! Find a blog creator elsewhere!

PM To Talk To a Specific Someone
You don't need to post about everything! Need to talk to a specific person? Then PM them! Posting also gives a possibility of him/her not reading it!

Do Not Mini-Mod
Mini-mods kinda annoy some people. Don't say "Close this thread" or something like that! That's why we have mods!

Do Not Repeat Other People's Post/ Thread
They were first to post so don't mind them!

Important Reminders

Here are some reminders you must follow:

Do Not Spam
As already said, spammers will be shot!

Always Post Threads In the Correct Sub-Forums
You know how annoying it is to see threads not related to the sub-forums.

Do Not Annoy Other People
Think of someone annoying you. That's what being annoyed feels like.

Please Refrain From Saying Bad Words
At all costs, please don't say bad words. After all, this may be offensive to other people!

Please Refrain From Disrespecting Other People
Other people have rights too, you know!

Thank you for reading this thread!
Please tell me what I can improve to this thread!

~ MrSword :hat: