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11-22-2011, 06:25 PM
Hi Seth

I take a few days to try your Game engine and I must say that the editor is quite impressive and brilliant !
Aside from one or two ergonomic additions (and better visual assets maybe :D) it would be perfect :)

But when I try to delve a little bit more under the surface to see what type of games you could build thanks to Lua, I missed a few important things.
The most important one was the lack of Box2d functionalities to handle any simulation.
Do you still plan to implement the features of that particular engine ? That would be great.

You also wisely choose Clanlib and I was wondering if you plan to expose a few more things from that great "Toolkit" in a near future ?

By the way, which version of Box2d and Clanlib, Novashell is currently based on ?

Of course, it is still possible to play with C++ to directly use what's missing, but I'm not that good at C++ and Clanlib can be so complex sometimes that I would miss the whole point of using Novashell I think. Probably simple Lua is good enough to handle the whole game.

Finally, is Novashell ultimately designed for RPG/adventure ?
Because with such unique set of features I think that Novashell really doesn't miss a lot to build great others 2D type of games !



11-23-2011, 10:58 PM
The Box2D used in Novashell (and in the svn) is v2.01. It uses Clanlib 1.X. (It can't be easily updated for CL 2.X, as it heavily uses depreciated GUI stuff, and CL 2.X doesn't fully support OSX yet either)

Novashell is sort of a generic 2D engine but it is primarily aimed at adventure/RPG style games.

I don't use it these days because I need to support mobile (iOS/Android, etc) and I found it made more sense for my projects to write a new framework from scratch especially to be portable. ( that framework is called Proton SDK )

11-23-2011, 11:24 PM
Of course I totally understand :)

I only wish they finally put a D-Pad and a few buttons (or else) on these handled devices.
For a few types of games it's ok, but when it comes for action it's a bit poor.

Yeah it's true, CL 2.x don't support Mac Os X for now, I forgot...

All the best for p+, I take a look at it and it's looking nice :)
Thanks for the quick answer Seth.