View Full Version : The Growtopian Marvin Parables Story

12-05-2013, 12:57 AM
This is a story about a growtopian named Marvin. Marvin is a joyful growtopian. He worked in the factory punching coral for a decent living and gets a couple wordlocks from time to time..... and he was happy doing his job. One day Marvin noticed something. Nobody was at the factory today. He pondered as he destroyed some coral. "Where is everybody?". Marvin decided to investigate. He walked down some stair to the door. He also discovered something. Rooms are bigger on the inside then the outside. Marvin was puzzled. He entered the door into a larger world. he couldn't find the owner anywhere. He decided to call him. He did /msg Megazork but the message didn't send. It didn't even tell him if Megazork is on or not. Worried, Marvin did /mods to see who was on. Tony26 was on. Marvin decided to msg him about what has happened. Suddenly Tony26 msg back a random msg. "o...om**@#@#%$342 oiudm @^*%&$$" Marvin was startled. He asked himself what happened. He thought he must have been dreaming. Anyways Marvin noticed some other weird things. Like, why am i ambidextrous on both arms? Why do six shooters shoot unlimited bullets when its a six shooter? In Fact why is there a voice in the air typing exactly what i'm thinking at this very moment. Who is up there reading what that big person in the sky is typing. Marvin thought "WHO IS DOING THIS?!?!" Marvin felt compelled. He decided to go to the forums. Upon arriving, Marvin saw the strangest thing he ever saw. He saw this thread and started reading it. The thread had his own name and was describing his day. Marvin felt more uncomfortable as he read. The rest of the page was blank. Marvin was confused. Marvin decided to go to look for his boss once more. He entered the door on the left. Suddenly Marvin could see a weird light through a glass pane. Marvin wondered who was that. Marvin placed his head against the glass to hear what was going on. He heard................. nothing. Marvin frowned. He kept moving along until he bumped into his boss Megazork. Megazork greeted Marvin and asked him whats wrong. Marvin explained the whole thing and Megazork laughed. Megazork simply said " Marvin dont worry buddy, there is nothing to worry at all, there is just a giant dude up there that is typing every single thing that is happening right now, basically stalking your very life and is posting the thread for everyone to see and read. Marvin turned green. HE TURNED MAD AND INSANE. HE STARTED SCREAMING AND YELLING. THEN........ FELL DEAD TO THE FLOOR.

This is a story about a Growtopian named Angrox. He had a simple day. Do some forum checking and look at whats happening in growtopia. As soon as Angrox entered his world, he saw a man named Marvin lying green and dead on the floor. Angrox was scared at first but he became relieved. Angrox thought that he didnt have to worry about ending up like that because he had a cool calm collected mind and was able to handle a giant dude typing about him on the forums. Angrox forgot he had a giveaway to go to and he went off........... THE END

Did you like the story? Get brainfarts? laughed? Dont worry Marvin isnt a real growtopian. Ask me if you want to be in a story sometimes like angrox.:panic: Marvin panics