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12-23-2011, 05:40 PM
Hi, i'm very much grateful get stumbled such a beautiful powerful framework and begins playing with it :D
Proton SDK trully teach me a lot , and it did rock my programming world, specially about variants, signals, slots, and messages
unfortunately.. my skill just not able to accomplish a simple task of including "LineSegment.cpp" to the winRTSimpleApp project,

i was testing this method "CL_LineSegment2f.get_intersection", the compiler gave that "unresolved external symbol" and then i include the file from

then i got the following error

\shared\clanlib-2.0\sources\core\math\line_segment.cpp(32): warning C4627: '#include "Core/precomp.h"': skipped when looking for precompiled header use
1> Add directive to 'PlatformPrecomp.h' or rebuild precompiled header

the problem solved by adding PlatformPrecomp.h to the line_segment.cpp

yes, the problem is solved, the program compiled, the intersections reported.. hooray! :D but i'm not quite sure that's the right thing to do, since line_segment.cpp is CL's source
how should i do it in the righteous path? i take a peek at vec3.cpp, vec2.cpp they didn't include the precomp, but compiled just fine, trying to read the code, and searching but couldn't find that precompiled header.. ummm..

i'm using vc express 2010

i hope i'm posting on the right section, please do kindly enlighten :D

Thank you

Ps. Happy Holiday! :D
PPs. Sorry for my English

12-24-2011, 12:44 AM
Hi yohanip,

The project default for new files that are added in MSVC in Proton projects is to assume they use the "PlatformPrecomp.h" precompiled headers. This is usually correct - but for certain libraries that don't need it, like Clanlib and zlib, you should disable precompiled headers after adding them.

See screenshot, this is how all the other clanlib files are set. (Sorry, this is MSCV 2005.. but hopefully it's close..!)


Oh, you should set "Configuration:" to "All configurations" first, so changes are global.