View Full Version : Just removed the APP

02-21-2012, 03:29 PM
just deleted the app from my devise... couldnt take it anymore,,
cheers all, it WAS fun.

no offense, perhaps it was my devise, but it no longer was fun with all the problems I faced. Perhaps others did not, but for me there were as many issues as there were good times. I am too competitive. I loved getting points. But technical issues ate points faster than I could accumulate. So unfortunately my child, who played on this account as well, will be inactive too.

So Ill miss TPNfc, bigdogg (two totally classy people who play well as individuals and teams)....and getting whooped seemingly always by AGirl.

I always tried... especially when I was on a team...

stayed away, took my break... I am back.. who cares I know, but I do... Mudfrog rocks!