View Full Version : who are you?

12-28-2013, 11:52 AM
who are you?write a breif explanation on who you feel you are.describing u.sharing personal info is absoloutley not mandatory.Heres my biography:

My name is VampireBoy.Ingame i am rudolph.i like farming alot.i have lots of friends.one of them is kidss.hehehe hes my dad.lol it all started in tanked someone announced that kids was making a family so i went to the private room and since we were already friends i was like MAKE ME UR SON LOL.then we became father and son :0.lol then he started saying /me whacks his son with a pole XD.lol we both used to laugh about that then he suddenly stopped playing.then i heard about growtopia.i downloaded it and now we both like to hang out and goof off with hailey.i also have alot of other friends:Catster,Kuroneko,vampirecutey,Ngirl,brainy girl and even more.also just noticed most of my friends are girls XD lol whatever #YOLO