View Full Version : Suggestion / Request for Dink HD Android (level up issues)

04-02-2012, 10:31 AM
First I want to thank you Seth for not only making and then re-releasing this amazing game but, also for the time that you spend here on the forums helping people.

So I was playing Dink HD 1.5.0 on my Android tablet and got to level 13 before I realized that I had been upgrading my Strength instead of Magic for the last 5 for so levels because in the middle of battle I had been furiously tapping the fire button (which also works as confirm dialog selection) could there be any way you could make in-game dialog ONLY use the Talk/Use button for selecting menu items?

After I figured out why my Strength was so high and my Magic so low after leveling up so many times, I slowed down the button mashing... only to realize that while I was carefully making sure I select Magic to upgrade instead of Strength, I was still being attacked and kill in the background.

Could you have the Level Up screen pause the game, or maybe not show up at all but just change the Inventory Icon and have Level Up options in the Inventory like every newer RPG game since Baldur's Gate?


04-04-2012, 04:23 AM
I agree with you this should be fixed but I've been afraid to make that change due to it possibly breaking compatibility with some of the add-ons. Although, I guess there is no reason why I couldn't enable for just the main game... Hmm. Will give this some thought.