View Full Version : Gaming Website/Moving MagicalForum

12-30-2013, 07:07 PM
Hey everyone! I have something good and something bad to say... first things first I am marking MagicalForum as inactive, and I have created a new website with more functions here: www.magicalcrew.webs.com so, if you were a member/staff member at Magicalforum.proboards.com I will allow you to keep your rank on our new website. It is currently under construction but is viewable. It will be fully up and running within the next few days, but don't be too shy! Signing up will help us out a lot.

Some of the new features:
Upgraded shoutbox that supports images and is more colorful
High quality tools
Forms for applications
Members, videos, pictures, and more pages like these!
A bunch of activities
Video series once SR comes out for ios7

There are many more features, but go check them out yourself and tell me how you feel about it! :hat: