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04-17-2012, 01:49 PM
hi All,

let me express my dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Yesterday I lost about 450 points in more or less ten games, dropped from 920pts to 450pts. this is about 48% loss.
I didn't lose it because of my poor skills, just because of 'Tanked's technical issues' like lost connection, app crash, and also because the server wasn't so responsive for my activities!. It looks like that I can run and shot other tanks normally but I can't see any my explosions or see them delayed. And also I see the alternately that all tanks are frozen (I still can run) and then they move very quickly and everything explode.
I got used to play with app crash or lost connection but not in such high density. I just feel tired and it seems that need to get rest from the game...

04-17-2012, 10:49 PM
how many app crash has happened for you? not many for me. Since version 2 came out i've only had 5 crashes.
how many disconnects did you have? most disconnects are my fault ( sitting too far from my router, hp touchpad loses its connection) disconnects from tanked itself is rarely seen, though it happened for me.. again less than 5 disconnects.

the higher your points the easier you loose points, thats the way it is. i've lost more than 1000 in a 1 on 1 vs for 6 games.. i know you mentioned its because of buggy apps.. but it is how it is.

when you say tanks are frozen and you can run, it might be laggy server, or your connection.

Again its my experience, might differ from yours. i mean you rarely seen a perfect app, every app has crashes, but for me tanked is reasonable. So don't focus too much bout your points and see the positives instead the negatives :)

04-18-2012, 12:35 AM
I don't really think it's any person's fault......
The past two days, the server load has gotten really high, and that causes a lot of lag. Just check the stats and don't play unless the load is below one.