View Full Version : Getting beat up twice in one day...

01-09-2003, 06:02 PM
This round and last round, I have been getting beaten up twice in one day. The time of day I usually play is in the middle. By that time, I might have been beaten up earlier.

But I log in, and start up my day, but the cops leave. So when I log back off, someone beats me up AGAIN!

This has happened to be a number of times (at least 10) and redink1 as well. I hate getting beat up twice in one day, and I don't like the fact that the time of the day that I log in affects my day like that.

Can you fix this and make the max to be beaten up is once per day??


Luck events... Currently the only way to boost up luck is by: A) Being in top 3 ranking for day and/or total, B) Yangs, C) Small random events that lower or raise about 1-3 luck..

How about making luck events add a little luck as well? Like say 1-3 if you don't risk it, along with those few bps we already get??

I think this way it gives yangs more effectiveness, because one needs a lot of sparrows to get up their luck alone. This way they don't just add a little to the crappy luck, but a little to a person's already growing luck. Also, it would make the bad yang more effective since more people would have higher luck (why yang someone who has already crappy luck??).

01-10-2003, 01:53 PM
The "beating-up-twice-in-day" issue has been brought up in the very early stage of the game develop. One of the reason I think why Seth did not bother to change it was that you can at most be beaten up 8 times in 7 days! If you calculated it very carefully, even if you were beaten all the time, the average number of being assaulted is very close to once per day.

About the luck suggestion, I liked it, but I doubt that Seth would take it. The current setup is to let almost everyone (even the overall top 3 players) have near 50% luck. (The top player can only get 6 luck increase now, which is somehow useless since one Tiger can take 10 away!)

So the extra luck bonus is designed to help lucky players who have the courage to try or to punish the unlucky players (like myself) who want to take the risk. For those who don't have the guts to try, a few BP's seems to be enough.

One thing I don't quite like is the current random events. Some of them take quite a chunk of BP's along with a few luck. A few days ago, after 3 finished sales to pissed customers, I have a total of zero BP's because my BP's were deducted by the random events I have no control over!