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01-16-2014, 05:35 AM
Hi guys! I am making FREE customized signature for anyone who would like to have!
Im fully decided and i think its time for me to share my talent to this FORUM. :)

So, all you need to do it to reply with this Signature Layout that i will give and tell me what you would like it to be..
Basically, I will make every signature to fix size.. 450px by 140px

Signature Layout:

Text: Sinz
Render: Monkey D. Luffy
*Color: Black
*Theme : Scary

Text: Text or Phrases that you want to be in your signature
Render: Render on your signature like.. pikachu, sonic, mario..etc.
Color: Signature color, all green? blue and white?
Theme: Like what you want it to be.. like underwater, scary..etc

* - optional

That's it! So easy.
I'll do my very best to make every signature you requested. :D

List: (First come, First served!)


This is some of my works before..