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10-03-2003, 09:54 PM
OK, gonna get my paypal goin to help out.
I dont know how to support these forums (Seth?) dont see a paypal thing.
Gonna take care of Lance Vance at : http://www.ncoer.com/fq/ i think
& ready to support the daisypark server if i can find a paypal button for it.
any info appreciated

10-03-2003, 10:36 PM
Wow. That's very kind of you. I'll look into setting that up. I don't expect that it's too difficult.

10-03-2003, 11:32 PM
In fact, it was pretty darn easy to setup a donations link with PayPal. I have added this link to the bottom of the page. Maybe I should add some kind of BBS too? I dunno.

Thanks for the suggestion, outsider. Keep on hawkin' coffins.

10-05-2003, 05:32 PM
Thanks outsider!!

I did not start running the server for money, I started it because I miss my old BBS and RQ is the next best thing!!http://www.rtsoft.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

It is nice to recoup some of the cost with donations!

10-05-2003, 05:34 PM
RQ should have been FQ.