View Full Version : iPad Dink HD disappearing DMOD bug?

Yannick Janssens
01-26-2014, 10:56 PM
Hey everyone,

As someone who bought the game way back in the day (on CD-ROM even) I jumped on the HD version a few weeks ago for nostalgia sake (and because I could go with some mass duck decapitation). I immediately downloaded all the DMODS I remembered from the past (and a whole slew of new ones I missed since then) through the 'copy-paste URL' method via the game (which took quite some time as you might figure :p). However today I noticed that they were all gone... Only the pre-installed DMODS (like Furball and Mystery Island) remain. I'm not sure if you can "explore" the iPad file-system like you could on a Windows PC so I can't really verify if the files are actually gone but they've at least disappeared from the list. Is there any way I can recover them (my normal Dink savegame is still there though)? I'd really hate have to download them all again...