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The 978
02-15-2014, 08:00 AM
Original text:

"I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek Oh well, guess beggars can't be choosey Wanted to receive attention for my music Wanted to be left alone in public excuse me For wanting my cake, and eat it too, and wanting it both ways Fame made me a balloon cause my ego inflated when I blew, see But it was confusing, cause all I wanted to do's be The Bruce Lee of loose leaf Abused ink, used it as a tool when blew steam Hit the lottery, ooh-wee But with what I gave up to get it was bittersweet It was like winning a used mink Ironic cause I think I'm getting so huge I need a shrink I'm beginning to lose sleep One sheep, two sheep Going coo-coo and kooky as Kool Keith But I'm actually weirder than you think Cause I'm... "

...35 translations later, Bing gives us:

"You must defeat him and as a result, in the news, by Xiamen commercial version as well. I mean, the question is on the left side, sung by weather balloon. Lotterybu, Sheeptw, VurduOhth, steamLe part of the tooth, MOM uses the Jewish Government, Sally toner leaking all over the world. How I lost my soul ... most of the taste a bit bitter, a regular player iaHovor DefeatbuinFor. z pointsa"