View Full Version : The Life Tale - an evolution game created for Ludum Dare 24

08-28-2012, 06:10 AM
A Game of evolution where you, as an creature, must fight your way through the food chain.


LD24 version (https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1dikq3z8lvzjh8/The%20Life%20Tale%20LD24.zip)

Fix that allows resizing the window (https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbfjsdnou6licrw/The%20Life%20Tale%20fix.exe)


Source (https://www.dropbox.com/s/vq2u8vlvimdry36/The%20Life%20Tale%20LD24%20Source.zip)

Timelapse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFBRPmoBrn4)


Tab - shows stat buttons.
Shift - zooms out.
Enter - respawns when dead.
WSAD - movement.
M - mutes the music.

Description for players:

The game is pretty hard and requires some farm at the beggining. To make a quicker start press the sun in the menu to get +2000 life essence on the start. Then make surve to evolve into a fish, as it gets the game more easy, although the regeneration rate at the same beggining gonna be a little slow.

To gather life essence swim into an enemy organism that looks weaker than you. Then you'll notice damage turn's info popping out about how much damage you and your enemy dealed. If the enemy damage looks higher it's probably wiser to try to avoid him for some time.

You can avoid some of the damage by quickly attacking some enemies at once. Damage turn restarts every 0.5 second on every creature, this means that after getting hit you can still hit another creature without you getting harmed.

After the evolution the best way is to upgrade damage one time first, as your base damage is pretty low. Then the best pick would be to upgrade life and armor. The size upgrade is giving you the most advantage later on for a really low price of 100LE each, and it helps out a lot in hitting multiple organism at once, thus lowering your total damage that you receive.



Speed - Max spd +20, costs 100LE +25LE per spd level.

Acceleration - Max acc +20, max spd +5, costs 100LE +25LE per acc level.

Armor - Max arm +1, max life +5, armor regen +0.01, costs 125LE + 25LE per armor level.

Danger - Level +2, power* +10, leadership** +1, costs 200LE + 50LE per dng level.

Damage - Power +20, costs 150LE + 25LE per dmg level.

Size - Size + 2.25% base size, max life +5, power +2, costs 100LE.

Life - Max life+20, life regen +0.2, costs 150LE + 25LE per life level.

Form - gives you a new form. Costs 2000LE + 4000LE per form level.

Cell - +5LE
Plankton - +12LE
Fish - +30LE

* - raises the damage output.
** - currently not implemented

Planned Features:

Add more life forms.
Make text more readable.
Speed up the life regeneration.
Make collecting life essence a lot quicker.
Add the land phrase.
Add skills.
Develop the fighting part of the game.
Improve maps.
Add local multiplayer.
Add online multiplayer.





Have fun in conquering the depths!