View Full Version : Card Wars- Probably the game that will rip you off.

02-22-2014, 01:49 AM
So, I bought a game called 'Card Wars'. It was showed on a popular TV show on Cartoon Network named 'Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.' It was four dollars which was a bit expensive for me because the games I buy usually costs one dollar.
Being the curious person I am, I played it. It was fun for the past few days...

But when I woke up this morning to play it, ALL my progress is gone.
Not only did that happen, I also remember being forced to buy gems.
The game didn't really tell me to buy gems, but it's more of a "Pay to play" game.
My hard work on that game is gone, and I don't want to repeat the whole thing all over again.
I was at the last level of Flame Princess, so I was stoked to see what was beyond that.
All I want right now is my progress back, and all my gems.
Anyone who's experiencing the same thing?