View Full Version : I'm renovating Charlies house . . .

King Jeff VI
07-25-2002, 09:26 PM
How do I make the sign outside "Charlies house" (the one for sale) say Dink Smallwood's residence and the sign description inside not say anything at all? Thanks.

08-06-2002, 11:02 AM
I'm already doing that, but if you want to do it for your own personal use then go and find the script s2-sale in the source scripts, where it says...

say_stop("`%House for Sale: Contact Charlie for information.", &current_sprite);
sp_dir(1, 2);
say_stop("I wonder who Charlie is ...", 1);

change it to

say_stop("`% Dink Smallwood's Residence", &current_sprite);

and then for the sign inside look for the source script...

s2-sale2 and where it says...

say("`%For Sale", &current_sprite);

delete that line, or you can simply delete the script. Anyway, when done s2-sale and s2-sale2 should be placed in the Dink>Story directory, and the D files "s2-sale.d" and "s2-sale2.d" should be deleted. You can of course compile the new files you have just placed in Dink>Story to make them .d files just like the rest, if you want the sign inside to say nothing you can also delete s2-sale2.c or .d and it will say nothing. No editting is needed for that