View Full Version : Just drew a hard art in my tablet using a tablet pen xD

03-02-2014, 08:56 AM
Recently, I became so bored studying the history of the phillippines. I became really bored due to so many texts appeared in the book.
I found my tablet, then started to think off if I should play Minion Rush, watch Pewdiepie, or practice sketching.

I tried to watch Pewdiepie, but due to slow connection, it keeps loading. I ignored that habit just in this day.
Then, I played Minion Rush. It raged me when I almost reach the high score (238, 971 is my high score). Then I closed this app.

I decided to practice sketching, then thought of Deemo and a Potato. So I drew it then here's the result xD

(The picture is about... Deemo. This imagination is what I am gonna explain.)
Deemo found a raw potato near his piano. He picked it up. He started to think if he would cook it or something; However, he doesn't have a mouth, so he neither talk nor eat. What should Deemo do with his potato? Make it as a pet? :p

Could you please rate? :D

(Oh and yeah. I sketched it out first, cleaned the lines, colored the parts, then fixed some weird or broken fragments)

03-02-2014, 12:25 PM
Wow Deemo? I play Cytus though.
Ill give you 8/10
Because its nice you added the shading. But the shadow is kinda messed up. You can improve it though! Goodluck