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03-21-2014, 08:31 PM
Do you like the drama here? Are you a pure gamer? Do you need somewhere to relax?
Well oh do I have a forums for you!
H3uybroadcast.boardhost.com the updated version of my forums.
Of course I need to take all that growtopai stuff off because this is for any games.
Also I might be making my own game so this forum is for update on the game.
(You can read about my game in general chat of my forums of new forums)
I will be looking for moderators so come on a join.
The people who don't make it as a moderator don't worry!
If my game goes on you will have a special rank as beta testers, special masters(secret), and some might be my group if secretive moderators.
Please join for all the updates and follow me on twitter for more and more updates(YouTube channel coming soon)
Twitter is H3uy(@H3uybroadcast)
Welcome to my forums!