View Full Version : A true story that happened to me.

03-29-2014, 04:20 PM
The following is something that happened to me.

One day my refrigerator was empty only food we had was pop tarts in the pantry.I told my parents that the fridge is empty so we went to the shopping centre in town, but halfway through I had was missing growtopia.So my dad dropped me off home.My parents still needed to shop.So I went into the pantry got some pop tarts ate them and played growtopia.The lights went out and the electricity was out as soon as I started playing.It was cold and dark and winds were picking up ,it was scary.I saw two red eyes in my bedroom I thought the creepy-pasta red mist was happening.I saw a hand outside and a person with a distinctive robe and some sort of letter?Any way I started to hide in a kitchen cupboard.I heard a growing whisper as well as post being put through my door.
I crawled to the post so no one could see me .The post had a brownish paper inside.Soon after a package arrived , it was my meme magazine!But at the 6th page there was this sachet of blue liquid and then my body became cold and I was struggling to breathe, I had a sip of water I was cringing by this time.Whispers grew ever larger until I knew what it was saying it was saying something like es nobis ,Tu vocandus.Then I stopped being cold and I started to breathe again the electricity went on everything was back to normal and my parents came.

Logical Explanation please anyone?

I'm still wondering what this blue liquid is?

Dodo Wizard
03-29-2014, 04:43 PM
A story based on a true story? I can't really help you if it's not the actual true story..