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12-18-2002, 06:16 PM
a while back i did some spell checking/grammar checking on your toolfish help files. Here are some mistakes. I put ***'s around the errors.


About mouse movement: Toolfish ***use*** an advanced mouse movement detection algorithm that will allow very small mouse

faq: (backup)
Now make the batch file. Use notepad.***bat*** to edit the makezip.bat. Put something like "pkzip backup_%1 *.txt". This would zip all *.txt files to a file

event editor:

Quiet Mode checkbox - This causes the event to run without notifying you on the log and most triggers/actions to operate with reduced status messages. If you check email every minute, you really don't want the "checking email" messages to flood the activity log.

The activity log will still notify you when a page is updated or email is received; ***you just want see*** anything until something at least semi-important happens in the event.


Hear it now - This will ***have have*** the text to speech read the text in the window so you can get an idea of how it will sound. It does process tokens too, so you can do It's $TIME$ now! and it will say what time it is.

actions-send to focus:

Note: If you do email support this can be VERY useful - You can set it ***up Toolfish*** so hotkeys (like Ctrl-Alt-1, Ctrl-Alt-2 etc.) print out common messages, inserting them into your email. Because of the low level method used it also works in many games.


There you go..
Also, Seth, I still get that "Toolfish using 95% of CPU" problem on my Win2000 machine. It happens every few days. Weird. Never happens on my XP though..

12-19-2002, 01:07 AM
Thanks, will check all those typo's out - I did fix a few in the V1.01 release, too.

I still have never had (I use Win2K too) or heard anyone else with the 95% usage bug - if anyone else has seen this
happen please let me know!