View Full Version : Terraria Creations sharing?

04-16-2014, 08:58 AM
This will be a very short post. A very very short post. A very very very short post. A very ve..ahem.

So..I was playing Terraria and I had an idea. Why not try recreating a Growtopian which would be me in Terraria! So I did,by struggling by getting resources and not finding a snow biome COUGH. COUGH. And the spam overload of Diseaster Bunnies.

Here is the final result!


Here is the mini map!


And here is a bonus! The ninja mask actually created a custom-made Corruption biome!


And here is the character I was basing it on,me! With an added comparison!

32314 32315

So,if you Terraria for IOS,Android,or WebOS,or any of the consoles,why not share some of your own creations or one of those..MUST SNAPSHOT THIS..moments.