View Full Version : A Word to AyeItsSteph (from Growtopia)

04-22-2014, 09:49 PM
Well i have no where else to post this but, you know me, Im just crazy.

Ok, so heres the story.

Ok, so (lol twice) I was trying to tell her something in person (lol no i meant in Growtopia logic, bear with me!) I warped to her......

Then, I said "lol" and she said "Lol your face". I was like, "Excuse me?" and she again said "Excuse you." I was actually competitive so I took that as a negative attitude. She was trying to talk to GummyBEARZ (who was hacked, of course. Sorry if you are reading this, lol) and I was too. I said hi to Gummy, and she actually turned out to be the hacker! welp thats another story woops ahh! Anyways, I didnt like Stephs negativity and so I unfriended her.:mad::mad::mad:
Ahem, so I then made her a frenimy. Its hard keeping up with my 13 friends at the same time. I felt what Steph felt- upset and unhappy.

If you are readinng this Steph, I HATE YOUR ATTITUDE. :nuke::nuke: Ps... DONT BAN THIS THING! I was making a point to Steph.