View Full Version : Confused ( where did my channel go? )

04-24-2014, 05:56 PM
Alright I have made a decision. I did delete ColtonGT mainly because my other channel has more subscribers, and can get into TGN. My main goal was to get into TGN and Vange did get into it. I am glad to say I might be able to get into TGN.
I will get a email about it later, if i'm in it or not..
So I am now working on to Coltonrocko321 to get into TGN.

So that's mainly why I quit ColtonGT and downloaded all MY CHANNEL so they are my rights and all..

Well if I do get into TGN I really want to thank everyone of you guys for watching my channel and actually getting me where I am today!

Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/Coltonrocko321)