View Full Version : If u have Halo4 would u like to be in my clan?

04-24-2014, 11:13 PM
I play Halo4 and have recently started a clan with my friend. The name is called C.K.C Cowboy Kitten Clan. We just do derpy stuff play Halo Minecraft and whatever other game we all have. All you have to do is....

1. Have an xbox and have xbox live.
2. Have Halo4 or Halo Reach and be able to play War games and Matchmaking.
3. Pm my xbox or forum account Xbox: TruWeazy4eva Forum: zxsonic (obviously) if u want to join.
4. You must be able to handle derp annoying comedy at some times and have fun yourself.

Hope you can join or have fun!!!:wave: