View Full Version : collision at the endpoints teleporting issue

12-20-2012, 06:54 AM
Hi again,
I've sorted out with collision and looks great,
one problem I encountered is sometimes it teleports the character at some endpoint to the next one
I've attached the source file + compiled version for windows (debug build)

Navigation with arrow keys

to reproduce the problem, try to get to rotated box, and slide on the right slope holding the left arrow key at the end of edge, in a few tries you can see the issue, character teleports on the other vertex of the box
also it appears on other edges too but this is easier to reproduce

A point that can reproduce the effect is charpos = CL_Pointf(287.86652, 16.658144);
I've tried to look at debug draw for some weirdness, but didn't found, looks like a normal penetration only at the ends of the box, doesn't have to sided occlusion

P.S. sorry for flooding the forum, we're wanting to start a game and testing the capabilities of clanlib if everything suits the game needs. If will be better to pack all the question in one thread please tell me and I'll do so.