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05-13-2014, 08:29 AM
Bored? Have 4 friends?
Well, here's a game I call "PRESSURE!!!"
What you need:
-4 players
-A deck of playing cards
-A timer
-A die (Singular form of dice)
-A cool and concentrated mind.

So the idea of the game is to build a card tower under the specified time. But first, we gotta set up the "faction"! Get the deck of cards, and sort it out- Diamond, Heart, Club, Spade. Make sure these cards are shuffled and no one can ever look at them. Yet.
Decide among yourselves, which faction you want. Okay, now each of your will roll the die. The person who has the highest rolled number goes last, and the person who rolled the lowest number goes first.
Now, the first person flips his whole deck facing up to see the card under.
Get the timer and set it to the following:
~If the number ranges from 1-5, he/she has 3 minutes to build the card tower.
~If the number ranges from 6-King, he/she has 5 minutes to build the card tower.
~If they get an ace however, they have all the time they need.
Okay, once the timer starts, the person will have to build the tower as fast as they can. Hard? This makes it even worse. The other players have the option to pressure you in any way. They just can't physically do anything to you or the tower. If you do not manage to build a tower in your specified time, you should do 20 sit-ups. If you win, the other players have to do 20 sit-ups. Do that cycle until the last person. If the last guy doesn't make the tower, he will be the first person to build the tower next round and do 30 sit-ups. If he succeeds, everyone does 30 sit-ups except for him. Play until you've gone tired. The fun will never end!

05-14-2014, 03:06 PM
Bumper in the back seat.