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05-14-2014, 12:32 AM
Here's me and my teacher and my friend have detention you know that paper you got to write oh no this is horrible.Its just 231 lines that says I will not talk about games in the classroom then we ran and ran and ran faster than a eclectic cat then I ate the key then I laughed then our teacher gets the door then tried to turn the handle then I promised to behave then my friend said I'm going to be so ugly the teacher will leave he goes out for ages and ages.Then the teacher called the fiercest people in the world the newbie commandos then we were laughing behind the door then we went into big trouble there was noise of choppers and the commandos appeared with weapons then he said come out with your hands up then he said he started it and you don't surrender you you will evacuate the moment I dread when the newb commandos attack but my friend what does he do he made a nuke and put it around the school then he waits then the door blows up then I press the button away like crazy they all left I am the terrifying creature called newbie commando II our teacher mrs newbie I've gone to being happy to furious right who wants to get out then my friend says yes me then the teacher puts a pin between his eyes then I never seen something quite weird in all my life then it's really bad news he commandos attacked the teacher then the newbies tried not to look proud I put up my hand yes said me your right quite right then we start the fighting the newbs start attacking it went on for ages and ages then he tries to pretend I'm good but my aim is really bad then I hurt you.How do you survive? I don't know at the start there was 231 ammo now there's 1... Then he trolls would you really do dat yea we come out on 3.1 2. 3.Barbarian Noise.How did you beat me.Then the lights go out.Horray I win.Then I went home then I went to school.