View Full Version : Minecraft Class.

05-16-2014, 07:19 AM
Hey, I'm aware most of you Growtopians know about Minecraft, right? Well I thought you'd like to hear something about Minecraft.

My teacher just started a Minecraft class three weeks ago, exciting right? My teacher is even picking out Moderators, there was twenty four people that signed up into the group and there was only three people who signed up, my two friends and myself signed up to become Moderators on our school server. He said I had a pretty good chance, I really hope I do become one on our school server.

The only reason I applied to become a Moderator on our school server is for the sake of helping, I really enjoy helping!!! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading that! :) I just had to share it!!! Arghhh, lol. :D