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05-31-2014, 02:02 PM
I want to know the difference between

From my research,a sorcerer/sorceress is a magic user thus manipulating objects or mythical
Creatures.also elemental magic
A wizard is a wise person that makes potions and use mild magic that's not too powerful,they basically don't use magic but is very wise and smart about magic,dark arts and curses but they don't use them(dark arts and curses) they are also masters of time and space.
A Mage is a specific sorcerer that focuses on a type of magic like fire,ice,lightning,earth,light and dark and they possess slightly stronger magic than the sorcerer because he/she focuses on a single element or two(rare)
A witch/warlock practices on dark magic or satanic magic(if you put it in a way)they use magic or potions to poison/curse people,they can turn inanimate objects into evil beings.witches focuses on magic and curses and warlocks are traitors(formerly wizards) that turned to dark magic or just became evil

Correct me if I'm wrong,I found these out in the internet and changed some of the info to have a bigger difference between these magic users