View Full Version : So I'm A Bad Person Now ?

06-09-2014, 10:06 PM
Actually if someone did something good in this game then his bad because his trying to be a mod ? all of you guys thinking about moderators, i though that you guys are the most important thing in my life but i was wrong and thanks a lot now i know everything really thanks a lot being good is bad and being bad is bad, and yes true i bashed king902 but do u know why i bashed him ? of course you don't know why i bashed him because he have 1 reason what im saying but i have a guy he saw every thing king902 entered my world and start bulling me and bulling me until i said those things he bulled me to let me say those words about him i was ignoring him and his bulling so then i got mad and i said those things his really annoying he did't stop i don't know if you believe me or not its your choice but im just saying the truth, for sure theirs only some people on forums who deserve to be good to them and they know theirs selves theirs some people here are really bad and trying to make good people to bad and thats mean bulling i will report to email support and say that king902 is bulling me all the time thats all im gonna do if he have a prof that he did't bully me then show us king902 some guys in game know that u hate me because im useful and helpful im not making those things to be a moderator why you think like that you all care about moderators to be a moderators you dont even think about people that really need help im pretty sure some of you guys joined forums to be a moderators not helping people anyway good luck and remember i will never give up king902 even if u send people to call me scammer of ur friends i wont give up i have a lot of friends who care about me and i care about them so dont try to lemme give up its impossible i will never ever give up even if it takes my hole time playing this game i will do my job for now and for ever i will be a player in growtopia good luck ( peace )

06-09-2014, 10:13 PM
Yes, you are now a certified bed person. Congratulations!

06-09-2014, 10:46 PM
Being good is good. I'm sure you have already seen people creating threads "how to not drop your items" ( or something like that) and teaching us how to report about scams and how to avoid them.
It's good, but we already have these types of threads by mods or experienced players.
People are doing it again and again, so we call it mini-modding. It counts as a spam.
You can create these threads but don't write about things we already know. I recommend you to create big guides.