View Full Version : The anime have made me cries kk? :3 Must watch more

06-23-2014, 01:49 AM
I recently just finished ToraDora and The Future Diary( along with the OVA ).

The endings just made me cry. ToraDora was a bit more romantic in a sense.

But Mirai Nikki( Future Diary ) just got me especially after Yuno stabbed herself

for Yukiteru. It's a good things they added the OVA for Mirai Nikki, it made

it so much better than the original ending.

Yay Yukiteru and Yuno forevah.

As for now, I have turned my interest in another series called

Nobunaga The Fool

Basically about Western and Eastern warfare with giant mechs hehehehe.

Check it out you Otakus!