View Full Version : The World candyrunner?

Phillip Dadzie
06-24-2014, 09:20 PM
Candyrunner is a parkour world it was layed down and people started forgetting it, suddenly my friend tought shouldn't i buy a famous world for some tokens i was like yes offcorse. Then we went to buy candyrunner he bought it for 150+ World locks ans it was completly worth it.Im saying it has really helped him out So if you wanna join the party in candyrunner its going now Growtopia Time wanna join go to The world CandyRunner-AfricanSwag:Do not let people get you feel bad a scammer knows whatnhe does and if it gets really bad theres always a sulution to fix it so Every scammer deserves a 2nd chance doesn't matter of what they scam if they scam 100000000000000000000 wls! THEY STILL DESERVE A 2ND CHANCE :excl:some people just dont understand when to stop you can always return items you've taken eh.Note!:Moderator's do not solve problems like that easyE thing so dont make a scam bigger than it is the one that couses a a big drama/Problem may also get the samd punishment as the scammer!, So stop with this wierd drama your just causing problems!~AfricanSwag.For game support visit GrowtopiaGame.com:hat: