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06-30-2014, 02:57 PM
Erm... The Import Image(s) utility isn't in Utilities... I downloaded this some time last year, then sort of didn't try to use it for a while :sweatdrop:, so I don't know if it got added more recently than that (but that doesn't seem plausible to me) or if perhaps there is something that I need to do to enable it... :scratch:

Any help?


Ah, I've had an epiphany . . . Since it hasn't been updated since 2011, it obviously didn't add that feature since I downloaded it, so I am thinking it probably got removed in that update, seeing as the tuts all are using win xp.

Is there perhaps a way to get an older version?

Ehhh- Edit again-

Didn't realize there was a second utils bar on the tile edit box...

Forget I posted this...