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02-27-2013, 09:52 AM
Through direct observation the past week or so, Alex has hacked the game, allowing him to erase his activity reports. His parlor visits don't show up on the Crime page - just all of a sudden a player is protected. The Rankings page will show him online (as in at Home) when he's really in the Cafe lurking. I have my suspicions that perhaps other activity, such as fires, alarms, Yangs, etc. are also being erased. I know of at least one other player he's also teaching these secretive ways, and suspect a couple others, as well as some players' secondary accounts.

Since observing the Crime page activity has a direct bearing on strategy decisions, or gaining hidden gold from unreported fire alarms, allowing some players to hide their activity is unfair. Alex insists that this is a valid strategy, not cheating. What do the rest of you players think? Should this be allowed to continue, or is Alex' winning streak now forever tainted? Can this loophole, available to only a select few, be fixed? Can the players engaging in such behavior be sanctioned or removed?

02-28-2013, 07:01 PM
Regarding the missing reports of attacks it is a game bug that can be exploited. If you attack someone and don't click "Continue" after it and just let the game time out, there won't be any reports in the Crime Page. I don't know about the Cafe thing though, I have no idea of how he does that. Indeed, exploiting this bug can be considered cheating because it interferes with other players activities and strategy decisions. :prophet:

02-28-2013, 09:42 PM
Then, maybe, make the results of the visit - points earned, protected status - not take effect until the "continue" button is clicked. Those wishing to hide their activity would, therefore, merely forfeit that visit chance, the same as running from a fight. Of course, if they lose the attack, those points should be deducted immediately :)

02-28-2013, 11:01 PM
Well, I suspect I do handle all the points stuff before needing the click, and the click is just for the log display message. But yeah, I do see how not seeing the log message could mess with your strategy. Thanks for reporting it. It should add a default message if you end up not clicking.

03-02-2013, 03:07 AM
This bug enabled whoever knew it not to just mess up with other players strategies: if a player created a dupe account and kept it until the last day of the tournament high in the Ranking, he could attack himself using his dupe account and let the game time out, not clicking "Continue", that way his "first" account would then get extra bury points and no one would be able to see that in the Crime Page They would've thought he bought another hearse and did more turns.
The game was always based on "community surveillance", since whoever cheated got caught in the News (mostly). That being said, this bug was a "get out of jail free card", sort of speaking... A player would be able to fool the News reporting and still be recognized by the "community" as a "great player", not as a cheater. Nonetheless, fighting to be amongst the top 10 players was still fun, but nothing like being written in the "Book of Deeds", and I hope other players get that opportunity too, since it is an extremely creative game, and dominating the techniques to do well is a fun discovery. 1960

03-28-2013, 05:51 PM
Ok, this is still a problem, especially when it is exploited for extra BP from lower players to a higher player and I am NOT talking about just one or two visits from the same player, I am talking more than one player as in 3 or 4 different players, that could possibly be the same person with several accounts that might have a slightly different IP. Even the smallest amounts of BP can add up this way. Say 2 low level players hit a higher player 2X each and lose. 32+33+43+44=152. That is an extra amount of BP added to that higher player by HIM/HERSELF. The higher the player the larger amount of BP given.

Now, I understand that the IP addy is slightly different possibly by 1 numeral but could be from computers, say at a University or college campus. That is likely, but cannot be proven to the point of banishment. AND I am NOT saying they should be banished nor am I saying this game should be shut down by any means.
I just want the other players to realize this COULD happen along with other things in the game that could discourage playing....BUT, DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! We need all the players that can and will play, regardless of the FEW who take this game far beyond the brink of seriousness.

This is a GAME and nothing more. It is a FUN, ENTERTAINING, and EXILLERATING game. There is NO OTHER GAME LIKE IT ON THE INTERNET! Kudos to SETH!
In conclusion, thes "bugs" and "actions" can be considered cheating, but, we all know cheaters never prosper even in fantasy or games, and especially not in real life. It always comes back around to bite you in the ass.
I LOVE this game and will continue to play it to the best of my knowledge as long as it remains active and will help ANYONE who needs the help, which does NOT mean I am "teaming" up with them against anyone. If someone gets pissed at you? It is NOT my fault (you know who you are) so as I have been told so many times.....GET OVER IT!

GOOD LUCK to all players, may the best one win, but most of all, HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS WONDERFULLY EXCITING GAME!!
Love you all!


03-31-2013, 08:46 PM
Regarding the "cafe thing" aforesaid, Sadge and Hawk tipped me about it and after a little experimenting I found the explanation, it is available here:


The hiding of fights I had observed in the past 2 tournaments, so it is also not a "new thing". I know of other players who had witnessed that too in past tournaments*, such as Rufoz, Hawk and Sadge.

* I only played 4 tournaments of this game and at first sight I thought the player (it was Winston if I recall well) had been protected after being attacked a few times. I couldn't find his attack, but he had been, indeed, attacked, lost his points and remained "protected". I thought at first if someone was attacked 3 or 4 times without losing he'd gain the "protected" status, I didn't knew at the time it was a bug. It took me 2 tournaments to find out the truth. :prophet:

03-31-2013, 10:13 PM
In my opinion, all these "bugs" are NOT new and have been exploited by certain persons to their advantage, who constantly try to toss the blame onto the backs of other players as "cheating", if these other players accidently "find" them too.

Hypocrital? YES (doing the same thing they accuse others of doing)
Underhanded? YES (exploiting the "bugs" to their advantage)
Sneaky? YES (not telling ANYONE about them, especially the ADMIN)