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Make sure you've have tried my other idle game:Grow Builder!
Currently this is in intense beta.
I even made a story for it.
PART ONE:The great hero of Cornelia (Read before playing)

Once upon a time there was a great swordsman named Luke! He was a great hero in the kingdom of Cornelia. He went out for a walk when shuddenly a goblin attacked him. He knocked the goblin away with on vicious strike. The goblin ended up dropping gold so when Luke came to pick it up there were more goblins and other monsters gaining his attention. He won't be back for a while!

PART TWO:The endless pit. (Reading during Dark Cave)

Luke had gotten so much knowledge from these brainless things! Now he was slashing like a pro. Then he had a fireball in his hand. He got scared but he realized that was his knowledge showing him spells! Soon with his new spells he got too cocky. He ended up getting knocked into a deep cave. There was so many icky things down there Luke couldn't resist. But he didn't realize that the dark elemental was in the area. Eventually he ended up knocking into the great elemental who had just woken up. The elemental immediately attacked Luke. They slashed in a swordfight as Luke couldn't get far enough to use one of his spells. Finally, after doing a slash across his chest, he got cut in half. His last words were:"The chaos wizards will avenge me... They will destroy this cursed land." Of course Luke didn't believe him but he will find out soon enough!

PART THREE:The opening. (Read at the Maranda Desert)

Luke had seen that there was a key in the elemental's pocket. He took the key and put it in the nearest chest (Of course). There was a mysterious crystal in the chest. But Luke took it anyways. He had found a ladder leading up to the surface, when he got to the surface it was oddly hot. It was a desert! Luke fought off some random scorpions when suddenly clay started forming into mysterious human type figures, they were golems! Now Luke was chopping some heads off! Some desert sahagins ganged up the poor Luke. There was a magician and his pals spying on the free-for-all until our hero spotted them. The main head of the group ran off while the other magicians stayed to fight. "Oh great protectors of the shrine, a monster came to vanquish you!" The magician shouted, the ground started rumbling and the great protectors of the earth shrine had came out. "This is going to take a while." Luke had said.

PART FOUR:A legend. (Read at the Earth Shrine)

Vampires suddenly popped out hiding in the shade. Aswell some more elementals and golems were forming, all eyes were on the hated hero! There were even cockatrices joining the fray. With everyone chasing after, Luke ran right into the shrine. One by one he used all his spells, fire, thunder, ice, then some cure of health. Guard Golems were spawning around him while a predator was stalking his prey. "More, stinkin, golems!" Luke said. "Hello fool, please I don't mean any harm but, you must die." A mysterious voice said. Luke got hit right in the face! A magician was walking into the shrine aswell to find Luke and the angry Lich fighting. "I am coming master!" The magician said. "Sorry I didn't introduce myself, I am Volcon." The magician, now Volcon said. Luke shot Volcon with lightning but it was deflected back at the Lich. "AAARGWWWH!" The Lich screamed. "Sorry!" Volcon said. Luke saw his opening so he combo'd the Lich til it was dead. Luke had found another, different crystal, looked kind of rocky. No matter, Luke noticed another room worth exploring, some sort of vault.

PART FIVE:The duo. (Read during Earth Vault)

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!" Luke said as he was opening the vault. Two beings were inside, Wyverns! A blue and red wvyern went after Luke immediately, one grabbed him with fangs and the other starting slicing his armor. "This is like, toture..." Luke said. "Fool, you will be knocked out soon, and you will be all mine!!!!" Volcon said. "Ugh, I..." Luke's last words were as he fell on the dusty floor.

PART SIX:Abandoned. (Read during Lethe River!)

"Stay here, hah, if you were awake you probably wouldn't." Luke heard as he woke up. "Hehehehe." Some mysterious blob said. "Hey, who are you?" Luke said. "Me? I am Ultros the Ultimate! Some guy named Volcon gave me, this, pathetic excuse for a swordsman. Then Luke got very mad and chased Ultros. Piranhas and sharks went after Luke as he was chasing Ultros. Then they both fell into a hole. Ultros got completely squashed while Luke was still himself. Then he saw a sudden lighting bolt go after him, it hit him...

PART SEVEN:The wizard. (Read during the abandoned lair.)

When Luke woke up he was chained to a wall. "Hello, Luke!" A wizard said. "I am Volcon the great, or now known as the Holy Chaos Wizard." Volcon said. "The elemental, was telling the truth..." Luke whispered. Then Volcon broke the chains and made sure he fought Luke. Luke got some sort of upgrade to his spells, they seemed more intense. "Time to perish chaos wizard." Luke said. Just then, Volcon shot another lightning bolt. It hit Luke again but he used his upgraded cure spell. Then he shot Volcon with huge fireballs, a giant snowball, and a lightning cloud. Volcon was in pieces. "Rest in pieces, fool." Luke said to Volcon before he ran off. Then some mysterious mech started shooting at Luke, stepping on Volcon's pieces. "You, will die." The machine said. Luke hit the thing with everything he had, all his spells and constant slashing with his sword. It wouldn't get down, it shot even more lazers at our hero, breaking a wall in the lair. Immediately Luke ran out! "Guess I should call that thing something, maybe, Mr. Chain Legs." Luke said as he ran off.

PART EIGHT:It's getting hot in here! (Read during Fire Shrine)

"Oh boy... I'm burning up." Luke said. Is this some sort of fire shrine, "I used to be the true hero, of Cornelia..." A mysterious force said. "Marilith?!" Luke whispered. More beings saw him, they slowly approached him curious. Luke didn't know what to do, so he started attacking them, some stayed to fight, others ran off. The others ended up warning the mysterious force. "Who dares to come to the fire shrine, home of a true hero, Marilith!" Marilith said. "So, the new pesky hero huh?! Don't expect to be able to fight me. I heard that you released the chaos wizards, I will be the one to defeat them!" Marilith said as her sword was brought to Luke's chest. 'Cura, please help me.' Luke thought as he used his spell. "I will defeat them, even if I must go through you!" Luke said as they started fighting. "Hey since this place is fire, do you have some sort of lava crystal?" Luke said. "Of course I do fool, all four crystals combined will allow me to fight the chaos master!" Marilith said. "Four? Well I have a earth one!" Luke said. He didn't get any reponse from Marilith because he put some lightning in his sort, then electrocuted Marilith. "You... Better... Kill... Them..." Marilith said as she died. "I will Marilith, I will..."

PART NINE:The ultimate duel. (Read during the ancient volcano)

"So you're the next chaos wizard." Luke said to the wizard. "I will not let you kill me." He said. "According to lore, you're the 2nd wizard and there are 4, fourth being the master..." Luke said. "Stupid lore! Die!!!" The wizard said as he shot bigger fireballs then Luke's. Of course, Luke dodged every single one, even deflecting one. But he had another spell to use against fire."Take this!" Luke said as he made a blizzard happen. "Nooooooo!" The 2nd chaos wizard said as he froze in place. "I should see what's up in Cornelia, maybe there's another chaos wizard there." Luke said as he walked away once again.

PART TEN:Flashback (Read during the Water Shrine)

As Luke roamed back to Cornelia he found another shrine. "Looks like water, if I could get it's crystal, I would only need 1 more!" Luke said as he went into the shrine. 'Looks like, Lethe River? But these animals are stronger.' "That's because I made this shrine to be like Lethe River!" Our good friend, Ultros said. "Ultros, heh, I didn't really get to fight you last time, you got squashed..." Luke informed the blob. "Well it was my mistake putting you on a wild goose chase, here's some good luck!" Ultros said as he repeatively hit Luke in the face. "It is time to die!" Luke said as spun hid sword around making Ultros get caught. Just then a shadow hit the both of them, Ultros got caught to the mysterious shadow. Luke hit the shadow and Ultros, Ultros splattered all over the place when his face got caught inside a snake. "Perhaps, you will be a good fight Luke." The shadow said as he went away. "Sweet! There was a water crystal inside Ultros!" Luke said as he moved on still going to Cornelia.

PART ELEVEN: Welcome to the Kingdom of Cornelia! (Read during the Kingdom of Cornelia)

"Hello nice Kingdom!" Luke shouted as he got to the gate. "Weird, now I need a fee?!" Luke said in surprise. He placed a ton of gold there, then 3 pressure plates appeared. "Maybe I can use these mysterious things dropped by those animals in the water shrine." Luke said as he got the gate opened. When he looked in he found the kingdom was under attack! There were some golems Luke faced before, vampires? Also oddly strong skeletons. Well anyways, Luke went into the hoard fighting all of them off one by one. Soon there were none standing. Until a huge goblin invasion arrived. "What happened to security here?!" Luke said. "Hello fool. You might've beaten our kind before but now we have masters." A random goblin said. These goblin 'masters' went after Luke when it was 300v1. Luke eventually killed them all. "There must be a chaos wizard behind this!" Luke said. Suddenly something hit the ground. It was a airship, with the shadow Luke saw before! "Hello fellow fighter, come aboard my ship." The shadow said.

PART TWELVE:Bill (Read during Bill's Airship)

"I hope you beat me, I am a loyal chaos wizard, I wish someone who made it past the hoard of doom can get past me." Said the loyal wizard, also known as Bill. "Duel!" They said in unison. Bill hit Luke with a huge air wave, knocking him almost to the end of the ship. But just then, Luke hit Bill with some thunder. The ship started burning!!!! "Oh dear, I guess you win our little duel." Bill said before splitting into two. Luke picked up some scale from his robe then jumped off the ship.

PART THIRTEEN:Rematch (Read during Air Shrine)

Luke landed on some sort of Air Shrine. "I will finally find the last crystal!" Luke shouted in joy. As Luke stepped into the shrine he got hit by some random slimes. Luke killed them like how he killed Ultros. Then the entire shrine started falling apart as two wyverns broke down the walls. "You guys again!" Luke shouted. Using all his spells he knocked them both back into the abyss. The dark elemental from the cave came up to Luke "You've made it far, but you shall never kill our master." And like that, Luke froze the elemental and sliced it to pieces one by one. "Here is your ultimate punishment." Luke said as he offically killed the dark elemental. "Finally all four crystals combined make---" that's all that was heard before the world came black.

PART FOURTEEN:A new day (Read during Chaos Realm)

Luke's eyes opened. "Hahahaha, fool, you can not even touch me!" A chaos wizard said. "I am the ultimate master, no one can kill me!" The chaos master said. Immediately Luke used even more upgraded spells at the master. "AGHHH!" The master said. "Only one part of you died... I need to kill all your parts!" Luke shouted at him. The master shot the same lazers Mr. Chain Legs had. But this time Luke was prepared. "Curaga, GO!" Luke said as he got healed up. Then a fireball killed another part of the chaos master. "Time to freeze." A mysterious wizard said. The blizzard froze the third part of the chaos master while Luke sliced it off. "Volcon?!" Luke shouted. "Yes, I am sick of this war, it shall end here!" Volcon said. "Fine then, both die!" The chaos master shouted. Volcon hit him with lightning while Luke froze his final part. "Noooo!" The chaos master said as he disappeared. "I am sorry Volcon, but we have even more troubles, with a dragon!" Luke said as the chaos realm got ripped up, revealing a overgrown dragon.

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Upcoming features:

The lottery!
The ability to dodge.
Extended story.

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