View Full Version : We all have our best and worst... Let's talk about that.

07-15-2014, 08:37 PM
Everyone has had their BEST day ever *spongebob singing in da background* and our WORST day ever.

What were yours?

My best: The day I had a solo during a concert. Alto Recorder FTW

My worst...: The day my friend and I had a fight over which colour was the complementary colour of Red. (Which was clearly green but my friend just HAD to say blue...) and yes, this is when you realize you are gifted because you were smart- and nerdy- enough to spend 15 mins arguing over a topic as boring as that.

Honourable mentions: The day I found out I was gifted :D
the day my friends teased me for spending an entire lunch recess with a girl :cry:
the day I made it into my school's Lego League team :yeah:
and finally, the day my kindergarten teacher banned me from playing with bin toys. (I was combining Legos and Marbles together to create an ultimate thingamajig. Yes, apparently, that's soooo evil.) :(:rolleyes:

Post yours in the comments below!