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Warp Rat
07-20-2014, 09:06 PM

PannyFlan is beating the crap out of LolDawn until suddenly
"The fight is on!" yells Edwardson as he takes on PannyFlan with LolDawn by his side.
PannyFlan grabs LolDawn by his neck and then suddenly
"Luigi!" AlphaAlpha takes out PannyFlan with a HUGE fireball!

"This isn't over" PannyFlan says as she fades away.
* a ship blue flies over their heads *
"I wonder who was in that ship." says Lennart while watching the ship fly away.

~Villains POV~
"You failed, PannyFlan. You're better than that little angel thingy" SageDeoxys says.
"There was a whole bunch of them! It was a 1 v 4! There was no way I could've won!" says PannyFlan with sorrow in her voice.
"Someday, I swear, all of us will take them on, I will do it, I don't care if it's the last thing I do." says SageDeoxys

The heroes were traveling to find the enemies base.

* The same blue ship flies over there head again. *

Edwardson shot arrows at the ship. It started coming down.

Gusto jumps out.
"Why did you shoot arrows at my ship? Did I do anything to you?" asks Gusto.
"We thought you were an enemy" Edwardson says frightened.
"That's what I thought" Gusto says sarcastically.
* Edwardson explains to Gusto what has been happening *

"Oh , I know what's been happening." says Gusto.
* Lennart pulls out his sword *

"No no no. I'm not an enemy." says Gusto frantically.
"Good. You wouldn't want to fight me." Lennart says.

"I'd like to help you guys with taking these bad people down." Gusto says.
"The more, the merrier" AlphaAlpha says happily.

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dat one is guud tuu lolz

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dat one is guud tuu lolz

youuu wuz 1t?

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Not enough feedback. Chapter 4 & 5 will be out in 30 min or so.

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XD, I wasn't even mentioned in this Chapter.

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Yea, I'm not spoiling the rest of the story though.
The only thing i'm gonna say is there is gonna be more characters than what the people signed up for. kkkk?

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Very nice.

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Where's Meh? ;-;

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Where's Meh? ;-;

Don't worry.
Be Furry.