View Full Version : Hey Guys I can say I'm back for now

07-25-2014, 04:52 AM
I know theirs some of you guys don't really like me and they hate me put it's your choice for who you hate and who u love I can't say u must u must love for really guys who hate or please don't post but I really wish you all the best even for who hate me... I really wish the guys who hate me at least don't be rude to be I appreciate that and guys my dream world was week and I got it from my friend thx forlol and anyone of you guys wanna hangout just msg me in game or here I really like having new friends and I don't care if my friend is rich or poor I just like having friends good luck guys and thanks for who was beside me they was really helpful for me and I was helpful for them but If I did something stupid or song thing negative bad or just a mistake I'm sorry for every thing I did and I'm sorry king901 for bashing you I'm stupid because I lost you king901 I wish u can forgive me for what I did thanks cya