View Full Version : I need help.

07-25-2014, 12:23 PM
My iPad mini won't go on Safari, Notes or Photos. The App Store works almost fine except I can't update any apps/iOS anymore. :(
Also, if I go to settings, if I click ANYTHING that has to do with the internet (Safari, Facebook, Twitter), it freezes for an hour and won't even shut off.

Whenever I go on Clash of Clans, I can do everything just fine as long as I'm in my base and don't click and tabs that lead to writing text or leading to another base.

I've tried all the resets available and NOTHING.
So basically, I'm stuck with an iPad mini that can't do anything but read '101 best jokes'.

I've been looking up other solutions and none of them so far have worked. If any of you know what to do, can you tell me in the comments below