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08-03-2014, 01:58 AM
Okay so I'm pretty much making this thread to give you guys some pointers on Internet Safety.
Okay so first off one of the biggest probelms is INTERNET DATING! This is very unsafe and Dangerous... first off you never know who's on the other end of that computer/phone screen. For all you know they can say they are a 13 year old kid nammed Johnny. But.... for real they are a 30 year old man named Scott trying to lure
Kids/Teens into a trap!
Secondly another main tip is Never give your password or personal information to ANYONE! This can lead to things being hacked,stolen, and more. Nobody is trustful except for (some) friends IN REAL LIFE!
Another big thing is be careful about what Wifi Hotspots and devices you use! Anything can be found. For example people can get something that can tell them every key on the keyboard you pressed. So if you log onto ummm... Facebook! Using a public internet connection, or a public device they can figure out your password and hack you!
Another thing is Keep your passwords LONG and Unique. For example use a pets name and your favorite food then a few numbers like 887624. And that is Pretty much IMPOSSIBLE To Guess. Nobody would think of random stuff like that.
Last but not least.... don't open anything that seems suspicious/weird. Even if its from a known location if you open a link then someone can easily give you a virus. So the main point of this one is don't open suspicious emails, or social networks links! They cab result in viruses and more!
This is all for now! If you have any questions send me a private message on this forum or just reply to this thread!


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