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    Hi, I just downloaded the demo of this game via Real Arcade. I've been readin some of the forums, trying to find out some of the power words and I found out there is a screensaver with the registered version...

    Now, in real arcade it mentions nothing about a screensaver cming with the registered version, so my question is... If I want this screensaver, is it safe to purchase from RealArcade or should I just come to the source?

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    Registered now as well so I can get e-mails.

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    The RealArcade version doesn't come with a screensaver.

    They didn't want it, and because they use their own installer the screensaver doesn't really work with it right. (it can't check for the path in the registry)

    I recommend anybody to buy it directly from me. I don't think RealArcade is going to put up upgrades in a timely way either.
    Seth A. Robinson
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