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Thread: Online resource for music, sound fx and voiceover

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    I just wanted to say hello and to mention the online music- and sound effects resource, www.Shockwave-Sound.Com , which may be of interest to independent game developers.

    We offer a large catalogue of Royalty-Free Music available to browse online and license for use in products such as games, video, web, DVD, multimedia, etc. and our typical price is only US$ 29.95 for a full-length track, or $19.95 for a set of mini-loops which can be used to "construct" a purpose-built version of the music.

    We have been in business since early 2000 and we add new music tracks almost every week. We have a great selection of electronic music, real orchestral classical music (recorded with an orchestra, not with synthesizers), jazz, latin, celtic, hard rock, world/ethnic, lots of childrens music, rock, techno and many other genres - all instrumental and produced to the highest professional standards.

    Please feel free to browse our site at your leisure, and let me know if I can be of assistance in any way. You can contact me through this forum, or via our web site.

    Kind regards,
    Bjorn Lynne

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    THE Bjorn Lynne? Dr. Awesome?


    Loved your MODs!

    12th Warrior was always a favorite.

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    Default Free Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects for Game Developers

    You can also download free music loops and sound effects on the site ad use them in your commercial projects such as games, podcasts and Flash animations.
    If you need royalty free background music in midi format they have that here as well.


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    great links there.
    thanks for sharing and posting that.

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