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Thread: [HELP NEEDED] Growtopia-like sandbox MMO

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    I might be able to help!

    I am a 15 year old Australian Pixel Artist. I am super good at pixel art.
    If you need any graphics done, you can Skype or email me and I can get whatever you want done in 1-2 days of recieving email

    Name:  Doctor Pixel.png
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    This is DW pixel art I've done in 3 days

    My worlds are:

    Vote for the Game Spawners!

    I'm aiming to get Legendary Wizard and the Legendbot-009!
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    I really can't offer anything, I would like to be part of something, but I am still learning and haven't grasped programming skills yet.

    But I wish you good luck with your project. If you're going along the lines of massive online multiplayer game, I hope you do not turn it into Libertarian hell like Growtopia already is. Certainly when developing your first multiplayer game you should have strict limits on what the user can and cannot do and also the accounts being made unless no one can get hurt in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFanoftech View Post
    If you really want to make a full-fledge MMO like Grow, learn C++ and server technology. They didn't make Growtopia with Game Maker, nonononononononoonononononononon. And Cogs26 is a heavily unattractive name.
    Because an mmo game is made with c++ it doesnt mean you have to use c++. Mmo games have been made with gamemaker,

    - - - Updated - - -

    Marsdenisarobot, this project is yours. The engine you have made is a mix of youtube tutorials and drag and drop and I find to be unworkable.
    The engine I have created is under the idea of you, but was done completely by myself.

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