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    A friend who knows I'm a Tangleword/Wordyacht addict called me up and said, "You've got to come check out this game I just bought. Type words, kill dragons. You'll love it."

    I expected the worst. Another guess-the-limited-dictionary whack-a-mole web game with a fantasy theme. Screamed shovelware. Color me surprised Dungeon Scroll is rather clever. Problem is, it's far, far too easy. Shares a fatal flaw with the whack-a-moles and too many non-word online/indie games in that competing for high score involves sitting for hours doing the same thing over...and over...and over again until you pull a set that can't be beaten. In no particular order, here's some suggestions:

    1] The difficulty levels are a joke. If an expert game is going to run twenty or forty or easily eighty+ levels, what difference does it make to start on number four?

    2] Make speed a factor. As it exists the game is stare at the screen to find the sevens (not sixes or nines) and if health (eventually) ticks down knock out a few fives to kill whatever enemy. I gave up on scoring after fifteen levels (shooting threes and fours for quickest passing) and only kept playing out of obsessive compulsive brain chemistry. Was *going* to play until I lost. Took a very long time, very little of it fun. Did a little dance in the chair when I pulled u's, v's, and two dragons.

    3] One dragon every level. When in the level it appears randomized. One minimum--always risk of a second.

    4] Increase hit points of all critters every fourth level or so. Some will demand algorithms ensuring every level is beatable. Reasonable but I argue the element of chance remains the same as it is now except with scaling difficulty shooting at high scores takes minutes instead of hours. Isn't twenty attempts to get a great score in the same time it took to get one middling one more addictive? More exciting?

    5] Ditch the letter respawning after last critter of a given level is killed. Waste of time.

    6] Auto-pause at end of each level.

    7] Bug. If a word is typed in after a critter is killed but before the next appears, the redrawn (and new) letters are jumbled, the "standard" mixed with the "premium" tiles.

    I like the game. It could and should be loads better. No idea if it's still under development or not. Five minutes of play I was ready to buy it. Two hours laters, obsessively playing the same blah until loss I wanted to drop the creators into molten tar.

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    Whoops. How embarrassing! Thought the other post hadn't gone through.

    Um. Hi.

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    As a matter of fact I'm working on a Dungeon Scroll upgrade right now.

    I agree with you, I don't like the current scoring system, expert players can go far too long.

    Please try the new beta version when it's ready and let me know what you think.

    I'm primarily addressing three things:

    1. Limited level set (20 levels total?) with more originality and a stronger and more clear difficulty ramp.

    2. A bit more work on the reward systems, right now it's a bit limited, nothing carries over past a dungeon. For instance, one idea is a new random room where you have to choose one of three chests, knowing one will contain a gem, collect all five colors for a super bonus, things like that.

    3. Internet high scores. In general I think internet high scores for word games is a bad idea (pointless because they are too easily cheatable), but hey, I think it could be better than nothing, there are a few things to make it workable. Scores older than a week are deleted, perhaps a private internet score room option (compare scores with friends only), still working that out.
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    I'll certainly give it a whirl when it's released. Look forward to it.

    Got 'catechisms' couple nights ago in Wordyacht. Still grinning (and publically patting myself on the back ).

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    Internet high scores. In general I think internet high scores for word games is a bad idea (pointless because they are too easily cheatable), but hey, I think it could be better than nothing, there are a few things to make it workable.

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