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Thread: 9999gold,999streng,999mag,999def

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    if u want all this in 1 minute, its very simple, just go to , and download the program, install the program, then open the dick smallwood, enter in your saved game, and click alt+tab, open the artmoney.
    in program: select the file "dick smallwood" (or something like that) then click in search, well, if you dont now how use the program very well put t find "exact velue" and "all" then in the number box, put the same number of gold you have in game (ex:i have 3472gold, in artmoney put 3472.00) the .00 in the end its good to find more ease the value,after thet, click in ok, when he stopes, enter in game again, and bui something cheap, (buy something for 20golp and u gona stay whit 2452gp)
    alt_tab again, in artmoney click in "filter"change the value to yours new gold value (3452.00) and fnd, continue doing this until there was only lefted 2 or 1 numer, then click lk the green arrow and change the value to the number of gold you want saty, voala! now you are rich (you mabemhave to buy something to your money go up), u can use this 2 to change your streng, def, and magic. just repeat all the stuff.
    any questions?
    send-me a e-mail:

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    or better yet, do this

    void main (void)

    &gold = 9999;
    &strength = 9999;
    &magic = 9999;
    &defense = 9999;



    Copy the above, place it into a notepad text file and save as key-80.c in the dink/story folder...

    Then play the game and hit the "P" key...

    Mind you you may experience problems when you next level up...

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    Ok umm, the artmoney isn't very detailed or given good information. I got lost after you starting saying (my gold is 3 something so I change it to 3 something) and the last reply, it doesn't work, i saved it there and copied word for word and when I played the game, I pressed P and it didn't work.

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    Actually, for Art money, I only got the money to work. The stats I can't. Any other way of making the stats 999? the key-80.c doesn't seem to work.

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    Actually change it to

    rename the other file first... or delete it... *shrug* I read the original file... all it did was play a sound.

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    I just changed it to .d instead, but still nothing...could you show me step my step?

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    I made a text file
    named it "key-80.d"
    opened it in notepad
    pasted the following code into the file...<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">void main &#40;void&#41;

    &gold = 100000;
    &strength = 5000;
    &magic = 5000;
    &defense = 5000;


    }[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>saved the file
    opened the game
    pressed the &#39;p&#39; key on the keyboard while playing the game.

    once I did all that the stats all rapidly flew up to 5000 on each, and the gold went to 100k

    It&#39;s fun for spells... you get rapid fire when you hold the Shift key.

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    Wait, a text file is the notepad right? and where did you save it exactly? Put your directory link.

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    Im also using windows XP so is that one of the problems? and if you can, could you use the print screen method to show me how?

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    file path is...

    C:&#92;Program Files&#92;Dink Smallwood&#92;dink&#92;Story

    of course this assumes that you used the default install directory.
    Basically go where the exe file is, then go into the dink directory and then the Story directory... there will already be a file named "key-80.d"... save the new file on top of that one. (when it asks to replace the file. click yes.)

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    i maked a program that gives 9999gold,999streng,999mag,999def i just need a place in net to post the program, then i gonna put the link here

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    is anyone here



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