hi all of u dink worshipers
I've played Dink 2 years ago and I've found installation few days ago and tought:"Why wouldn't I try to play it again?"I've killed Seth and finished the game (didn't manage to do that 2 yrs ago,lol),but I've discovered something interesting:
when u go to that south hidden island and you're crossing the bridge u can pass the bech and walk on the sea.There I saw a little island with some little volcano and I can go up on it
Is there any chance I go there,or it's just a mistake?

2nd question is:who the f**** is Charlie?(guy who sells that house).Does he even exsist (cause I've already imagined Dink living happy in that lil house,lol)

I would really appreciate if someone could answer me those questons

btw,Ive discovered ice castle last night,I was soooo surprised