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    Where is this ice castle?

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    To get to the Ice Castle go along the edge of the cliffs at the bottom round to where the trapdoor and the 2 Stone Giants are..and the cave below them.
    You enter the trees to the left takes a little finding at first...
    Head on up to the Ice castle.
    There are 3 or 4 fierce battles here. use the flame bow to kill dragons in the last corridor, talk to the wizard and grab a Heart container. You think that's it but you (may) have to fight the monsters on way back out.


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    First,make sure you know the use of the fire ball.
    IT CAN BURN ANY small light green tree.If that
    makes no sense ,then just try on any tree you
    meet with on your travel ,I am sure you can find
    a lot of hiden secret by burning such kind of trees
    Hope that helps!

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