I know this is getting boring, but I have found another bug. Hawk tipped me about it and I decided to experiment a little.

If someone makes the login using 2 different browsers, he can lurk at the Cafe while actually doing his turns (using the other browser), visiting Yang's, going to the Parlors, the University, etc. This is particular useful to someone because he can stay at the Cafe typing "/all" and see other players activity, while waiting at the Parlors to visit a player he's interested on visiting. Sometimes this gets flawed and the same player, let's assume he is named "X" can be timing out the Cafe for 3 minutes, while another "X" is playing his turns and is not timing out. That gives the player "X" the unfair advantage, because he can be aware of everyone's else activities while apparently doing his turns.

You add this "ability" to the "ability" of hiding the information of who was attacked (since the logging of the event depends on user action and is not simultaneous to the event itself) and you get a "super" player. We have seen this happening plenty of times in this game but we didn't had an explanation to the weird phenomenons we had watched (by "we" I mean other players who began to get suspicious).

Some players calls this a "trick", not a bug. Alex calls this a "trick". He says other players mustn't complain about any of this but rather "use their brains" . However, by logical definition if something depends on user action and the user omission can be used to deceive other players, that is not a legitimate "trick", nor a legitimate "tactics", that is the exploitation of a bug, specially because the logging of events wasn't intended to depend on user action. My duty as a player is to report this to the server admin. It is up to him to fix it or not. Nonetheless, FQ remains as a classic, with a bright concept, it is a shame its flaws are exploited this way.

Thanks for everybody's attention.