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    This post is to let my friends that play Funeral Quest know, why my name is no longer in the game. I have NOT been kicked from the game regardless of what anyone might say there, I REQUESTED my account be disabled for the duration of the tournament for various reasons including both personal and family matters that will not permit my participating on a regular basis as I should. Missed days would severely hurt my game so I reluctantly back down. Considering the attitudes of the few recently both on and off the game, in all fairness, I did not wish to contribute further boosting of BP to anyone.

    The time off the game will refresh my own attitude as well as give me ample time to get things together in my life to, hopefully, continue playing this wonderfullly fun game for as long as it remains active.

    Please enjoy playing Funeral Quest while it runs.

    Thank you, Seth for all your prompt cooperation on all levels, and apologies for the bombardment on FQ, recently.

    Good luck to all and I shall return soon!

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    hope everything is ok. my best to you and your family.



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